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Our focus is learning effective web design and promotion principles, then applying those principles to the websites we design. Designing websites that are functional and have a high rate of success seemed more important than learning how to design with the newest bells or whistles available. The design of the website is only one of the many tools needed to make it effective; flashy or pretty does not make a website work, there's a lot more involved in the development of a successful website.

The websites we design use a mixture of imagery and information, emphasis is always placed on the informative content; information is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of website design. McBride Designs also believes that it would be more effective for us, business-wise to make these web design services affordable, so that anyone wanting a quality website designed could easily afford it.

Years of designing websites, consulting and helping others to design and promote their websites has given McBride Designs experience and knowledge in web design principles and website promotion that many claim to know but only a few can apply.

It's not about how much innovative technology we can fit onto a single web page, it's about how well the web page performs, and that's what matters.

Our specialties are designing high-quality HTML websites that are quick loading, cross-browser compliant, search engine friendly, affordable and easy for Internet visitors to use. We also offer a large amount of promotion, marketing and design knowledge that anyone wanting to create a successful online presence will need.

No two websites are ever the same, just as no two customers' needs are the same, and we treat every design project that way. We also believe that designing an effective website should not be so expensive that the average start-up, entrepreneur, or worker from home cannot afford it. That is why we offer affordable website design services, but we do not skimp on the design services. McBride Designs strives to give clients more than their money's worth.

We are dependable; offer a wide range of website design and promotional services as well as knowledge that will help your online presence succeed.

Whether you run a typical mom-and-pop operation or employ hundreds of people, your business will definitely profit from having a website. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. A website serves as an online brochure. Even if you donít plan to sell your products or services online, a website will get your name out there. This branding will have potential customers looking to you instead of your competition when theyíre in the market for the things you provide.

  2. Selling on the web makes for high profits due to low overhead. Before you make your first penny in profits from sales in your brick-and-mortar store, you have to pay rent, utilities, salaries, and more. With an online store you pay just a few bucks a month for web hosting and thatís about it!

  3. A website makes add-on sales easy. When someone makes a purchase from your store, you can toss a coupon in the bag offering a discount on items ordered from your website.

  4. A professional website gives your business the appearance of success and authority and an edge over the competition. If your potential customers see a website address in your ads, theyíll be impressed.

  5. Your website always works for you whatever you do and wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Itís like having a salesman that never takes time off, calls in sick, or goes on vacation!


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